First benchmarks from the hammer

First benchmarks from the hammer

AMD should certainly be anything but happy that the first benchmark of the hammer processors, codenamed Clawhammer, planned for the desktop market at the end of the year, are making the rounds on the Internet. In view of the offered performance, the processor does not have to hide.

At Computex in Taiwan, the colleagues from Tecchannel had the opportunity to do a few benchmarks with a hardware manufacturer 800 MHz clocked prototype of the Clawhammer with 256kb L2 cache. Including of course Quake 3 Arena, the results of which we would like to publish here as a foretaste.

Quake 3 Arena
    • Athlon MP 1667 MHz
    • ClawHammer 800 MHz
    • Pentium 4 1600 MHz
    • Athlon MP 800 MHz
    • Pentium 4 800 MHz

So the processor does really well against the competition. If you consider that AMD is rather conservative with a processor clock of 800 MHz and, according to rumors, the processor will be introduced with a clock rate twice as high in December, the probability that the ClawHammer will steal the speed crown from the largest competitor Intel is high can. But even Intel will not be lazy and can certainly, if necessary, bring a 3 GHz Pentium 4 to the market early.

Of course, there are more benchmarks and background information on the ClawHammer tested in the article by Tecchannel .