First Athlon XP 2500+ 'Barton' benchmarks

First Athlon XP 2500+ 'Barton' benchmarks

The site was able to take a look at an AMD Athlon XP with the new 'Barton' core for the first time and has collected interesting data. In addition to a photoshoot, the CPU even had to endure a few benchmarks and

Unfortunately, the information content of the written lines is rather poor due to the selected language. Fortunately, the numerous pictures reveal interesting news. The CPU clocks with 'only' 1833MHz with a multiplier of 11 and an FSB of 166MHz. The model rating of 2500+ is even higher than that of an Athlon XP 'Thoroughbred' 2400+ clocked at 2000MHz. Thanks to the FSB333 and 512KB L2 cache, the processor has been given 300 points more in the rating than the XP2200 + clocked at 1800MHz.

The size of the DIE is also striking. This has grown significantly - it has recently had to carry double the memory. However, the VCore still appears to be fixed at 1.65V. In a first overclocking attempt, managed to reach 2250MHz - certainly a remarkable result (PRating 3302+). Even applications like 3DMark ran stably at this rate.

Benchmarks, images and further information are available from our colleagues at . However, it is doubtful whether such a low-clocked Barton will come onto the market. It seems more likely that this was a pre-production copy and that the series-ready CPUs will be at the upper end of the T-Bred performance spectrum.