First adapter Socket478 to 423 adapter

First adapter Socket478 to 423 adapter

There is new hope for owners of mainboards with BX chipset including Socket370, as well as for owners of Socket423 mainboards. After there was already an adapter from Slot1 to Sockel423, 'socket mainboards' are now also served.

Die The company PowerLeap has now presented an adapter (PL-370/T) for Sockel370 mainboards, with which Tualatin processors can be used. Whether this adapter is worthwhile will be shown when the prices are announced, because a corresponding mainboard costs around € 100. Another question is whether the adapter may only be sold with a CPU, as with the Slot1 adapter PL-iP3/T.

The second new adapter is the PL-P4/N, which makes the transition from Socket423 on Socket478 CPUs, because you don't have to buy a new motherboard. Both the Willamette and the Northwood Pentium 4 processors should be able to be used with the adapter. The price question is not that interesting here, as Socket478 mainboards are still relatively expensive. Availability is indicated by PowerLeap as February 2002.