FireGL X1 announced by ATi

FireGL X1 announced by ATi

At this year's SIGGRAPH, shortly after the first impressions of the Radeon9700, ATi also announced the associated FireGL X1. As already known from older FireGL models, this should serve the professional market for high-end CAD/CAM applications and 3D visualization.

For less than 1000 US dollars, there will probably be a new performance class in the The low-cost range of professional 3D accelerators is because of course the FireGL X1 is based on the recently announced R300 core, whose first performance impressions were quite impressive.

Like the consumer product Radeon9700, the FireGL X1 also offers 8 parallel rendering pipelines, each with a TMU, as well as pixel and vertex shaders according to the 2.0 standard and a previously unattained triangular throughput of speculative 300 million vertices per second.

For the time being, drivers are of course still included for DirectX 8.1 and OpenGL 1.3 or 1.4, although the next higher standards have not yet been published, so of course there are still no official DirectX 9 or w. OpenGl 2.0-compatible drivers can be offered. However, there is no doubt that ATi will do so once the standards have been finalized.