File sharing users spend more money on music

File sharing users spend more money on music

As is well known, the music industry has suffered a sharp drop in sales in recent years and the culprits were of course quickly found in the form of Internet exchange sites. Two published studies now claim that Internet exchange sites, as propagated by the media giants, are not to blame.

Admittedly the University of Connecticut and the State University of New York in their study that sales have declined due to the Internet, but only for the reason that customers now have the opportunity to obtain detailed information in advance and then possibly refrain from making a purchase and not As in the past, basically buy everything brought onto the market by prominent artists. Conversely, hitherto unknown musicians benefit from this, which is underpinned by the number of artists represented in the charts - 400 at the beginning of the 1990s and 600 in 2000. The scientists call this 'sampling'.

One The current Jupiter study even goes as far as to claim that users of file sharing programs are more willing to spend money than non-users. 29 percent of those surveyed said that their usage habits had changed due to new technologies, with 19 percent now spending more and 10 percent less on music.

There are other reasons for the decline in sales such as the normal market cycle and the now very strong competition in the form of computer games and DVDs.