Fifa 2001 demo today

Fifa 2001 demo today

As German FIFA 2000 Online (GFO) reports, the demo for Fifa 2001 will be published today. However, this can drag on into the night. It is already known that the demo will be around 20 MB and that the German version of the Bayern Munich versus Bayer Leverkusen party can be played at Wembley Stadium. Unfortunately there will be no statistics or comments in the demo.

The game time in the demo is four minutes in good weather. The demo will also appear in different language versions with different games:

  • German: Bayern Munich - Bayer Leverkusen
  • English: Manchester United - Arsenal FC
  • French : Olymp. Marseille - Paris SG
  • Italian: Juventus - Lazio Rom
  • Spanish: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona