Federal Council: Restriction of data protection on the Internet

Federal Council: Restriction of data protection on the Internet

Today, Friday, the Federal Council will, in all likelihood, oblige all German telephone and Internet providers by law to store all data relating to connection and usage data for a longer period of time.

Storage is independent of a given reason for control or whether the provider needs this data for its own purposes and is therefore permanent. An endorsement for this measure has already been given by the interior and legal committees, tomorrow this restriction should then be approved by a majority in the country representation.

The purpose of this measure is that all data for immediate inspection to be available for the police, the protection of the constitution and law enforcement agencies. The period for which this data must be stored is to be defined by means of minimum and maximum periods within the framework of an ordinance.

Already yesterday, many state commissioners and the federal commissioner for data protection criticized this planned restriction of data protection. Data protection officer Hans-Hermann Schrader himself would consider it very gratifying if this measure were rejected by the Federal Council today.