Faster Radeon in February 2002

Faster Radeon in February 2002

The competition never sleeps! After nVidia ATi made life really difficult with the GeForce3 Ti500 for the introduction of the Radeon 8500, the former industry leader ATi will soon be able to come up with new chips that will offer more performance than the old ones.

Like them The guys from xBit Labs have found out from their reliable sources that a modified version of the Radeon 8500 will be available early next year, which comes with a higher chip and memory clock. As early as February 2002, ATi wants to present the Radeon 8700 and 8800, which will come with a chip clock of 300MHz. This is a higher clocked version of the Radeon 8500 which is currently only available with 270MHz and as the Radeon 8500 LE with 250MHz. So memory 3.3ns DDR SDRAM should be used, which would allow a memory clock of 600MHz DDR. The only difference between the Radeon 8700 and 8800 will be the memory configuration. While the Radeon 8700 only offers the now common 64MB, the Radeon 8800 will be able to fall back on a whopping 128MB. In view of the fact that 3.3ns memory is incredibly expensive and difficult to obtain, the new ATi cards should then also slide to the upper end of the price bar.

Incidentally, nVidia will also come up with a new chip in early 2002. This is currently under development under the code name NV25 and should provide a significant performance boost. Only the R300 from ATi, planned for summer 2002, will be able to counter this. Both the Radeon 8700 and the 8800 will probably have nothing to counteract this chip.

The opinion of Dominik, who sent us this news:

One could easily get tempted to cancel his Radeon 8500 order (with whichever dealer) out of double frustration and then immediately to theRadeon8700 or 8800 to put. I personally speculate with this thought;)