Every company is a potential target for cyber attacks

Every company is a potential target for cyber attacks

According to a study by the American company Riptech, the origin of cyber attacks is not, as is often assumed, primarily to be found in eastern countries. Around a third of all attacks by hackers originate from computers in the USA.

In second place behind the USA is South Korea and third in China. Germany is surprisingly in fourth place in this ranking. Less than 40% of the attacks take place from these countries.

According to Riptech are In particular, the networks of large companies such as banks, media companies, electricity producers or high-tech companies are the preferred targets of hackers. Security experts count over 100 attacks per month. However, 43 percent of cyber attacks and their consequences are alarming to critical, according to Riptech. In the evaluation of over 5.5 billion log entries in customer networks, whereby the worms Nimda or CodeRed were not taken into account, as these would have falsified the overall result, more than 128,000 hacker attacks could be detected.

After evaluating the study, Riptech comes to the following conclusion: 'Our results show that in principle every company that connects its system to the Internet is guaranteed to be attacked in some form.'