Everglide Wrist Rest Oval in the test: Better posture thanks to the wrist rest

Everglide Wrist Rest Oval in the test: Better posture thanks to the wrist rest


The pad

But also the company Everglide, which comes from the USA has a seat in Europe, it has set itself the task of increasing the gaming comfort in the form of mouse pads and other accessories. After we have already subjected the Everglide mouse pad to a test, the 'examination' of the Wrist Rest Oval (Black), a 'gel wrist rest for comfortable gaming', now follows. We want to find out whether the advertised comfortable gaming is really possible.

Scope of delivery

As usual with Everglide, delivery takes place via Deutsche Post AG. The Gelpack Wrist Rest Oval came to us in a normal A3 cardboard box without any major protection. There were of course no instructions for use, but what should one explain in detail with such an object? The dimensions of the slightly larger Wrist Rest Oval are 25mm at the edge and 20mm in the middle. The width is 125mm and the depth 80mm. With these dimensions, the gel hanging pad fits exactly into the recess of the Everglide Lage Attack and Giganta mouse pads.

Top view
Everglide Wrist Rest Oval

The test

The processing of the gel pack is decent, but above all the lower surface couldconcerns be a little better. The adhesion to the table surface is very good, but it decreases significantly when the gel pack collects dust. With a little water, however, the problem is quickly resolved. In my opinion, however, it cannot accomplish the actual task of increasing comfort without impairing skill or playing abilities. Because the gel pack or, more correctly, the wrist rest restricts the mouse's freedom of movement, as movements towards you are blocked by the height of the rest.

Without gel pack
With gel pack
Pad No. 2
Little harmony with other pads
Size ratio
Size ratio no.2


All in all, the Wrist Rest Oval is not the purchase price of DM 25 or the cheaper version of DM 19.50 value. It would just be an unused utensil that would perish in the closet. For people who tend to do office work with it and by that I don't mean playing grouse, it could be interesting for them, because the wrist is really spared. For the real gamer, however, it is of no interest.

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