Everglide MouseBungee in the test: the mouse cable safely under control

Everglide MouseBungee in the test: the mouse cable safely under control


Everglide has made it its business to make gaming on the computer as professional and comfortable as possible. It all began with their mousepads, which are highly regarded worldwide. However, since they didn't want to rest on their laurels, they racked their brains about where there is still room for improvement in gaming. True to the motto: “You don't know that you need a product until someone invents it.” The MouseBungee was developed as a result of these considerations. What it is used for and what it brings when playing, you will find out in the following review.

The principle behind the MouseBungee is actually more than simple, because its task is limited to fixing the mouse cable and preventing it from jamming on the table. Its field of application is therefore limited to cable mice, since there are no such problems with radio or infrared rodents. Strictly speaking, it is also not particularly tragic with a cable mouse if you have to pull the cable from time to time, but as so often, this would have a clear disadvantage in an action-heavy and fast game.

Scope of delivery

The MouseBungee costs 39.02 DM or 19.95 € and can currently only be purchased from the European Everglide distribution. There are currently seven colors to choose from, which should cover every taste. In addition to the actual object of desire, there is also a small English flyer that should represent the instructions. Even if this loose sheet is only available in English, the helpful graphics give you an idea of ​​what needs to be done to correct theMouseBungee into operation.

Everglide MouseBungee


The green mouse bungee available to us was processed very well. So that it has a suitable hold on the surface, the rubber nubs known from the Everglide Large Attack were also attached to the underside of the MouseBungee. A metal ball, which also plays a large part in the successful design, ensures appropriate pressure from above. In addition to this fixed part, there is also a movable swivel arm, a type of spring that was designed as a cable guide. When the mouse moves, this elastic part releases the necessary cable and ensures that it is not in the way later when other movements are made.

In use

When used under Windows, the MouseBungee cannot fully exploit its potential, since under Windows it doesn’t depend on time and you can therefore also use the cable from time to time Mouse can pull if you don't have a mouse bungee. Certainly this action is omitted when using the MouseBungee, but is that alone worth the price mentioned? The MouseBungee feels at home in games, especially first-person shooters, and ensures a good level of comfort for wired mice. Which hardly matters under Windowsfalls can cost you a head and neck in Half Life, CounterStrike or Quake. If the cable starts to jam at the very moment you wanted to start an attack, in most cases you have already put the matter in the sand. With the MouseBungee you can greatly minimize such situations and limit them to your own inability :-)


The very latest product from this clearly shows that capable and creative people work at Everglide Home. Certainly a small niche in the market has been discovered here, although many players were confronted with it every day, no one had the idea to develop such a product. For 39.02DM you get a good product, which you can save yourself if you grab a wireless mouse for 40DM more.

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