Everglide Large Attack in the test: the mouse glides along

Everglide Large Attack in the test: the mouse glides along



What Lothar Matthäus is to soccer fans, mouse and mousepad are to action gamers. And especially with the latter there are huge differences in terms of quality, durability and smoothness. With the advent of mice in the 1990s, appropriate mouse pads were also required. These consisted mainly of plastic and were covered with a fabric. The disadvantage of this solution quickly becomes clear after you have worked with such a mouse pad for a while, because the fabric cover seems to magically attract sweat and dirt. And what is on the mouse pad ends up in the mouse. You have learned from mistakes and all current mouse pads that are thrown at you at computer trade fairs are made exclusively of soft plastic and are coated accordingly. Above all, the welding problem was solved, but the problem of dirt still persists. In addition, these mouse pads slip very often when there is hasty mouse movements, such as in first-person shooters. The opponent punishes the time to adjust the mouse ruthlessly - but none of that has to be, because what is the point of the original indestructible Everglide, that all problems, such as dirt, slipping, or just poor sliding properties of the mouse at one stroke should solve. We were skeptical and put the original Everglide under the microscope in a long-term test.

Delivery/scope of delivery

You can buy the Everglideonly in the online shop, as it is not sold in stores. When ordering online, you can choose the prepayment method without fear, which speeds up the delivery process a little. After you have transferred the money you will receive a confirmation email and after a short time an email with the content that the Everglide has been sent. After this email it takes about 2-3 days until you receive your Everglide in a cardboard cover that is hardly bigger than the Everglide itself.

The Everglide

Has the Everglide an ergonomic shape that is especially suitable for gamers, a special Everglide surface with which the mouse can be guided precisely and easily and rounded edges to protect the wrist. The dimensions of the original Everglide are 27cm/20cm/0.7cm width/height/thickness. If you think that the mouse pad is very big, you're wrong, because gamers in particular need a lot of space to move their mouse. But the manufacturer has a significantly larger successor with the name Everglide-Giganta in its range for this small blemish. On the underside of the Everglide there are 6 suction cups that give the Everglide adhesion to the surface. Contrary to what you might expect from pictures, the Everglide is not gel-like, but consists of hard plastic.

The Gaming Test

As many miracle stories as there are about the Everglide, this also applies with the Everglide 'nothing comes from nothing' because anyone who thinks that they are 3 sizes better after unpacking the wonder pad is wrong. The Everglide differs in its shape from other square pads, because it is oval and higher than a normal mouse pad. After a short time, you got used to the oval mouse surface, because most of the time you only move the mouse in an arc. However, it takes a little more time to get used to the altitude. If this time ofLearning is over, you have got used to the smooth surface and the mouse no longer accidentally slips off the Everglide, you can face your human opponent without fear. The advantages of the Everglide are clearly in the precision of the movements that would have been unthinkable before. Particularly demanding and fast games like Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament and other first person shooters can be played a lot better with the Everglide. Since hardcore gamers often have their lunch on the PC, it almost seems like a miracle that the Everglide is as clean as on the first day even after such exertion and that the mouse ball and mouse rollers are in really good condition.

In addition to the really many good sides, the original Everglide alias Large Attack also has a disadvantage that is noticeable in games from time to time : It is a bit too small, or rather close to the limit of what is necessary. But that's all you can complain about.

The wear and tear

If you don't want to open beer bottles with the Everglide, you will have a lot of fun with the mouse pad for a long time. The surface and the normally very susceptible suction cups are unchanged even after 2 months. Only the Everglide logo is slowly losing color. The name unbreakable Everglide is therefore more than justified in my opinion.


The point at which the opinions will differ is clearly the price/performance ratio, because 33.15DM for a mouse pad is not a cardboard style. The investment was worth it for me, but casual gamers should think twice about whether they might prefer to invest the money elsewhere, especially since you get really good mouse pads at every computer fair.

Everglide Large Attack
  • Nice shape
  • Good adhesion
  • Fast surface
  • A bit small

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