.eu domain available soon

.eu domain available soon

After the EU Parliament had already given its approval for the new Internet domain .eu, the Ministerial Council has now also given its OK. However, the EU Commission still has to set up an organization to manage the new top-level domain, similar to the Denic for the .de domain.

According to EU Commissioner Erkki Liikanen, the new domain should give the business market throughout Europe a significant boost. The clearer recognition of Europe in the international web market is still expected.

The .de domain for Germany exceeded the 4 million mark for registrations last year, and is therefore in second place in an international comparison behind the USA with the .com domain that has been registered 21 million times. In terms of country domains, Germany takes first place. The USA is only in second place with the .us domain, as it is much more difficult to register a .us domain in the USA.