EU allocates four billion euros for research

EU allocates four billion euros for research

According to an announcement by the European Research Council (ERC) , the European Union will allocate a total of four billion euros over the next six years to strengthen research in the international community. The money should primarily flow into the most potent research projects.

'The best research projects and the most talented scientists' should therefore be from benefit from the new, large research pot. Previously, the EU had asked scientists from all areas to submit their research projects. The 250 best of the total of 9,000 applications will now be rewarded with a grant from the said item - a good two thirds of the total budget of the ERC will be invested in supporting the researchers alone. Maximum sums of up to 3.5 million euros will be spread over five years.

In addition to the general strengthening of the European research location, it is hoped that the transnational commitment will also result in the feared emigration of talented scientists - for example to the USA. counteract this.