EPoX presents four boards with i845G

EPoX presents four boards with i845G

EPoX presents the new EP-4G4A series just in time for the official announcement of the i845G from Intel. The most extensively equipped model of the new EPoX series is called EP-4G4A + and offers additional functionality such as onboard LAN or an integrated RAID controller.

The boards offer six PCI slots, one CNR slot and the usual AGP 4x slot. Three memory slots for DDR DIMM according to the PC2100 standard allow a maximum of 2 GB of RAM.

The high-end version, the EP-4G4A +, with onboard LAN, RAID and P80P debug card will change hands for 204 euros . The model without the RAID controller (EP-4G4AN) will be available in stores for 189 euros. If you do without the integrated LAN adapter (EP-4G4AP) you can save another 10 euros. The variant without any extras (EP-4G4A) will be available on the shelf for 174 euros.