EPoX introduces nForce 2 boards

EPoX introduces nForce 2 boards

nVidia is still keeping the nForce 2 (Crush18) behind closed doors, but the chipset should be officially presented in the course of the day. The mainboard manufacturer EPoX couldn't wait any longer and has for its part presented new products based on the chip.

With this, the manufacturer is breaking new ground, because previously they had limited themselves to products from Intel and VIA - ALi and nVidia were left out. The first nForce had been invited to the laboratories on a trial basis, as we were told at CeBIT in March, but the results fell short of expectations. This should change with the nForce 2.

The EP-8RGA + relies on the brand new Northbride IGP 128 with integrated GeForce 4 MX and dual-channel memory operation as well as the Southbridge MCP-T. In addition to USB 2.0, ATA133 and 6-channel sound, this offers an integrated FireWire controller. Further highlights of the board are the support of DDR400, two LAN connections (DualNet) and AGP 8x.

The EP-8RDA +, on the other hand, relies on the stripped-down components such as the graphic-free Northbridge SPP and the Southbridge MCP, which are included in the In contrast to its big brother, it does without FireWire and the second LAN connection.

However, as we suspected a week ago , the delivery of the first nForce 2 boards will be a long way off hesitate. EPoX is currently talking about a sales start in September.


Regarding possible board versions with Raid, we asked EPoX again and we were told that so far none Versions with a raid controller are planned, but are by no means excluded. Since Raid is almost becoming a standard at the moment, we assume that there will be boards with this feature.