EPoX 8KHA + with KT266A in the test: A mainboard like no other

EPoX 8KHA + with KT266A in the test: A mainboard like no other

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes the typical EPoX components. That means nothing is missing. An ATA66/100, an ATA33 and a floppy cable, a USB slot cover for ports 3 & 4, two manuals, one of which contains the complete English manual and the other explains the most important setting options in German and the driver CD should actually satisfy almost every buyer. In addition to the necessary drivers (VIA 4in1 v.4.32, replaced by 4.33 in the test), the CD again includes very helpful OEM programs as a small bonus. Also included is the 'backup program' Norton Ghost and PC-Cillin 2000, which replaces the Norton Antivirus, which has always been used up to now. As a further extra, PowerQuest Partiton Magic 6.0 should be included with the retail version, but our CD did not yet contain the tool.

EPoX 8KHA + with KT266A


Auf At first glance it seems as if EPoX has printed a '+' on the cover sheet as the only change to the documentation, but the content of the reading has also been adapted to the few new features of the 8KHA +. The first manual written in English covers everything from installation to BIOS settings to software setup. Questions don't really remain, everything is clearly explained and well illustrated. A second supplement also contains the most important settings in German. All in all, a well-done documentation that is very helpful to users with English knowledge.


Epox 8KHA +

  • Form factor
    • Socket A ATX (30.5cm x 24.5cm)
  • Processor
    • Supports AMD Athlon and Duron
    • Automatic CPU detection
    • 200/266MHz system bus
  • Chipset
    • VIA KT266A chipset
    • VIA VT8366A Northbridge (actively cooled)
    • VT8233 Southbridge with onboard audio (AC97)
  • RAM
    • 3x 184 pin DIMMS (DDR RAM)
    • Supports PC1600/2100 DDR RAM with 2.5V
    • Maximum memory size: 1.5GB
  • Expansion Slots
    • 1x AGP 4x slot
    • 6x 32 bit PCI slots
    • 3x fan connections (monitor-compatible)
    • 2 IDE ports (UDMA 33/66/100)
  • External connections
    • 1x parallel port
    • 2x serial ports
    • 6 USB ports ( 2x internal, 2x via slot cover, 2x optional)
    • 1x game Port
    • 1x microphone in
    • 1x speaker out
    • 1x line in
  • Bios
    • Award Bios with 2MBit Flash ROM
    • Multiplier can be manipulated in the Bios
    • Front Side Bus can be manipulated in 1MHz steps in the Bios (100-199MHz)
    • CPU voltage adjustable in the bios(1.65-1.85V)
    • V the voltage can be regulated in the bios
  • Special features
    • P80P 'Post Code' display
  • Other functions
    • Keyboard Power-On, Suspend To RAM
    • Wake-On-LAN, Wake-On-Modem

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