Energy-saving 'Athlon XP SFF' appeared in Japan

Energy-saving 'Athlon XP SFF' appeared in Japan

Months ago, AMD announced that it would be launching an energy-saving version of the Athlon XP. Now, like almost every electronic achievement, the CPU is first shipped in Japan. The processor goes by the name of Athlon XP SFF and yet differs quite clearly from its big brother.

Outwardly the CPU can be recognized by the changed DIE label 'AXL1500DLT3B'. This differs from the serial Athlon XP both in the number 'L' (= VCore) and the 'B' (= FSB) and thus indicates the most serious differences between the two processors. The Athlon XP SFF does not offer a 133MHz fast but only a front-side bus braked to 100MHz and a VCore reduced to 1.05-1.45V. Both features enable the processor to stay below a power dissipation of 35 watts. The L2 cache with its 256KByte also corresponds to the standard, as does the maximum tolerable core temperature of 90 ° C. The outstanding feature of the CPU is the so-called Cool “N” Quiet feature, which enables the CPU to adapt the clock rate to the requirements during operation. However, both the mainboard and the operating system (WindowsXP) must support this feature. At the moment only the following motherboards allow this:

  • ASUS A7A266 (Board Rev.1.03) BIOS Ver.1010
  • ASUS A7M266 (Board Rev.1.04) BIOS Ver.1007
  • ASUS A7S333 (Board Rev.1.03) BIOS Ver.1004
  • ASUS A7V266 (Board Rev.1.05) BIOS Ver.1002c
  • MSI KT3 Ultra BIOS Ver.5.4
  • MSI K7N420 Pro BIOS Ver.2.4

With the Athlon XP SFF, AMD should have a very interesting processor up its sleeve, at least for the relatively new 'Economy PC' market to keep. The processor does not come close to the performance of a full-fledged Athlon XP, at least in theory, but it should beat the energy-saving C3 from VIA many times over. However, shouldalso the price will be a lot higher. Exact information on the speed, the price or the available clock rates are not yet known.