eMule v.24b released

eMule v.24b released

'Even if we have enough to do with the holidays, we wanted to bring out a new version of eMule before the end of the year', so it says on the official homepage of the project and the fulfillment of this resolution is for them with version 0.24 b succeeded.

And according to the changelog, the internal update of version number 0.24 was definitely worth it.

  • Corrected an error that caused eMule to ask the same person for sources instead of another after a certain time.
  • Corrected an error that allowed eMule to respond too often to source sharing requests Reply (as many times as requested) instead of a preset limit.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented people using UDP to query sources from getting sources with complete files.
  • Changing the max sources per file corrected errors.
  • Highest and release priority errors corrected.
  • Corrected adding search results to a search list without tabs.
  • Some of the connection statistics were not updated while you were not in the statistics window ... Corrected.
  • Source exchange with compression more aggressive done.
  • Fixed crash that damaged the download list checker and the list of approved files due to paused/aborted files.
  • Partial correction to prevent you from going to the Source list is added when someone sends us back as a source. (Code parts from Lord KiRon)
  • Restart connection attempts when reaching the end of the server list.
  • Statistics added: Client versions (number of clients using the latest 4 eDonkey/eMule versions) [xrmb]; Server occupancy (% share of users on server with known user limit).
  • Corrected crash that can occur with a damaged part.met.
  • Error correction adopted bysome languages ​​prevents garbage data from being displayed in fields. (by pooz)


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    eMule is the best known Client for the EDonkey2000 and Kademlia network.

    • Version 0.50a, Win 7 German
    • Version 0.50b Beta 1 German