Empire Earth 3 in the test: Third attempt against Age of Empires

Empire Earth 3 in the test: Third attempt against Age of Empires


It is astonishing with what a third part of Empire Earth Mad Doc and Vivendi approached them Public dare. After all, this is not just any low-budget series, but the answer to Age of Empires and Co. It is all the more incomprehensible how those responsible were able to let loose such an unfinished game on the buyers. Even a first patch (version 1.1), which was of course installed for this test, did not change this fact.

Even the really incredibly weak graphical implementation of Empire Earth 3 pissed off a large number of potential players at first Look. This would even be bearable for a strategy game, because in the end it is primarily about creating a proper depth thanks to many epochs, units, possibilities and by means of comprehensive diplomacy - in this way a graphically messed up title can be among real strategists still make a lot of friends and become a real box office hit. Unfortunately, Empire Earth 3 does not even offer this.

The mission design is just as static as the answers of the units. There are far too few of the latter, just as there are of epochs and peoples. This negative round of events is rounded off by the virtually non-existent campaign, which is more badly than right replaced by a boring conquest mode.

And so it is not surprising that Empire Earth 3 has both status andplayful bobbing around in the insignificance. If you want to start a new strategy game today, Age of Empires 3, which is now a thing of the past, is better off.

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