Empire Earth 3 in the test: Third attempt against Age of Empires

Empire Earth 3 in the test: Third attempt against Age of Empires

Sound - and language translation

While the sound-technical implementation was adequate, the language translation of Empire Earth 3 turned out to be a bad joke. Probably to strengthen the comic character of the game, the units chuckle in response to a click, mostly poorly spoken, not very funny comments like “Oh man, hammer time”. In addition, there are too few variants of these comments, so that clicking your own units will soon become a strain on the ears.


The AI ​​of the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) of Empire Earth 3 is also extremely weak. One might believe that one's own units have no way of finding their way. If you order your own troops to a certain point on the map, you should definitely watch them while running there: They like to stop once, get stuck halfway, or get lost in places on the map that have not yet been explored. It is also very negative that the units do not move in a group, but run freely at their own speed. For example, weakly armored ranged fighters often run defenseless in enemy units.

EE 3 KI: Everyone runs As it suits him

The enemy AI is also really bad. So in the rarest of cases one has to expect active intervention by the enemy - this happensactually only if you set up your own base right next to that of your opponent. Otherwise, the opponents show all the stupidities that one is already used to from one's own units.

Protection of minors

The presence of a sub-item with the designation “protection of minors” may seem strange, especially in a strategy game, but in this case it is entirely justified. For example, Empire Earth 3 in Germany was not approved for young people after a thorough examination and is therefore only available for players aged 18 and over. This step was justified by the responsible test center USK with the fact that the characterization of the existing ethnic groups and some names of units (e.g. suicide bombers) would run counter to youth protection. The possibility of using ABC weapons also led to the assessment that Empire Earth could affect 3 minors.

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