ELSA AG turns to ATi

ELSA AG turns to ATi

The recently insolvent graphics card manufacturer ELSA plans to give up the business with products exclusively from nVidia and now also to produce graphics cards with the new Radeon9700/9500 chips from ATi.

The extent to which this will affect the partnership with nVidia is still in the stars, but GraphZilla has been known in the past for 'renegade' partners with delivery bottlenecks to consider their latest developments, as Hercules had to experience firsthand. Today Hercules only produces cards with ATis graphic chips on board.

The sender Alternate has even already listed cards named Gladiac 9700 pro and Gladiac 9500 pro, meanwhile no longer with the product photo a VisionTek XTasy GeForce4 Ti440. At the moment, the new Gladiacs from the newly founded ELSA GmbH are not yet available.

If these reports are correct, the customer can hopefully enjoy high-quality cards with excellent service and a long-term guarantee.

Thanks to Wolfenstein 2k2 for the hint.