ECS K7S6A with SiS745 in the test: The successor to the SiS735 is here

ECS K7S6A with SiS745 in the test: The successor to the SiS735 is here

Scope of delivery and documentation

The scope of delivery of the K7S5A was allowed rather than can be called spartan, which was not surprising considering the price. And so the contents of the box of the K7S6A are limited to the essentials.

  • K7S6A
  • 1x ATA100 cable
  • 1x floppy cable
  • Manual (English)
  • Driver CD
The SiS745 on ECS K7S6A

Our test copy included two EIDE and two floppy cables. However, this must inevitably have been a 'packing error', since such a supplement really makes no sense with only one floppy controllermakes.

The documentation fits in seamlessly with the current trend. The most important steps of the installation as well as features and BIOS settings are dealt with in short and concise passages. The English-language manual can therefore ultimately convince. However, it does not come close to documentation from Asus.

The SiS745 on ECS K7S6A


ECS Elitegroup K7S6A

  • Form factor
    • Socket A ATX (30.5cm x 22.0cm)
  • Processor
    • Supports AMD Athlon (XP) and Duron
    • Automatic CPU detection
    • 200/266MHz System Bus
  • Chipset
    • SiS745 chipset
  • RAM
    • 3x 184 pin DIMMS (DDR RAM)
    • Supports PC1600/2100/PC2700 DDR RAM with 2.5V
    • Maximum memory size: 1.5GB (PC1600/2100), 1.0GB (PC2700)
  • Expansion slots
    • 1x AGP 4x slot
    • 5x 32 bit PCI slots
    • 1x CNR slot
    • 3x fan connections (monitor-compatible)
    • 2 IDE ports (UDMA 33/66/100)
  • External connections
    • 1x parallel port
    • 2x serial ports
    • 6 USB ports (2x internal, 4x optional)
    • 1x game port
    • 1x microphone in
    • 1x Line Out
    • 1x Line In
  • Bios
    • 2MBit Award Bios
    • Multiplier can be manipulated on Board (5-12.5)
    • Front side bus can be manipulated in fixed steps in the BIOS (100-166MHz)
    • CPU voltage can be regulated on board (1.10-1.85V)

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