ECS Elitegroup K7S5A in the test: The inexpensive SiS735 is good for it

ECS Elitegroup K7S5A in the test: The inexpensive SiS735 is good for it

SiSoft Sandra 2001

With the theoretical benchmark SiSoft Sandra 2001 wanted We throw a possible prognosis on the expected performance of the chipset before the practical exams, after all, the memory performance measured in Sandra 2001 is ascribed great importance, which will ultimately be decisive in the battle for the chipset crown.

ECS Elitegroup K7S5A Benchmarks

For the test in SiSoft Sandra, we again choose rather moderate, but also absolutely stable settings in the further test run. The memory ran on the specified 'Normal' profile, with one of SDR/DDR RAS Precharge Time 3 and one of SDR/DDR RAS Active Time 6. All other settings were 'By SPD', ie again determined by the RAM bar. So far, the EPoX 8K7A + with AMD760 chipset in the FPU mark and, surprisingly, the A7A266 with ALi MAGiK 1 in the ALU mark had the lead. The SiS735 put herebut still clearly on top. With 771MB/s in the FPU mark and 611MB/s in the ALU mark, the K7S5A is clearly at the top and thus seems to live up to its reputation in the first benchmark.

However, we are a little distant from these values. The values ​​are almost too good to be derived from the same settings as on the other boards. We therefore suspect that ECS has either not kept the true meaning of the 'By SPD' setting and is not extracting the correct parameters from the RAM module, but much faster ones. Or the detection runs incorrectly. The extremely good results cannot otherwise be explained despite the well-known good performance of the SiS735. However, since the board ran stably even with the non-manipulable, faster settings, we cannot complain in the end.

c't ctcm

At this point we always have the results of the memory test ctcm of the magazine c't. But in many ways the results inexplicably look so bad that we do not present any figures until we have identified the cause of this phenomenon. Contrary to any trend, the throughput rates were up to 30% behind those of other boards.

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