eBay is planning changes to the fee structure

eBay is planning changes to the fee structure

According to a report by the news magazine Focus, the Internet auction house eBay is planning to change its fee structure in response to complaints from dissatisfied dealers. This should come into effect in 2008.

'We hear the calls from our salespeople and we want to do the next one Year change the fee structure, ”comments Stefan Groß-Selbeck, head of eBay Germany, the second planned change. The first modifications had already been made in September. The reason for the change is the falling numbers in the areas of new customers and visitors. In addition, the number of customers on the accounts has not been legible for a long time: a good 248 million registered eBay users worldwide are dead accounts.

This and the apparently far too high fees for wholesalers have accordingly led to the fact that within one year 53,000 dealers worldwide gave up their eBay presence. This situation is now to be remedied by means of a revised fee structure.