Duron 950 to Athlon XP 1.7+ in the test: AMD processor Roundup

Duron 950 to Athlon XP 1.7+ in the test: AMD processor Roundup

Final Reality

The Final Reality Benchmark dates back to 1997 and is therefore a pretty old application. Originally intended as a graphics card test, it means for today's graphics cards are no longer a major obstacle. In addition to a test for 3D graphics, 2D operations are also tested in which the graphics card has little influence. The benchmark supports the MMX technology and is therefore not supported by 3DNow! or SSE1.

Final Reality Overall

In the overall result, the Athlon XP 1700+ makes the race again,However, it is much more interesting that even a Duron with a Morgan core throttled to 950 MHz can outperform a 1 GHz Athlon. How this surprising result comes about is clarified by considering the individual tests from Final Reality.

Final Reality 2D Image Processing

As you can see, the new Duron can clearly outperform the Athlon in the 2D tests. The advantages of hardware data prefetching are more evident here than in any other application. Both the Duron (Morgan) and the Athlon XP play in a league of their own here.

Final Reality 3D Image Processing

If the Duron was able to shine in the 2D tests, it has to give up again clearly to the older Athlon in the 3D area. Due to the higher weighting of the 2D test, the Duron (Morgan) can overtake the Athlon (Thunderbird) in the overall standings. Incidentally, the performance rating of the Athlon XP 1500+ is not entirely confirmed in the 3D test, as it can be overtaken by an Athlon 1.4 GHz, albeit easily.

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