Duron 950 to Athlon XP 1.7+ in the test: AMD processor Roundup

Duron 950 to Athlon XP 1.7+ in the test: AMD processor Roundup

3DMark 2000

3DMark 2000 has already found a successor, but it is still ideally suited to provide information about the Direct3D performance of the system. The processor performance can also be measured quite well with this test. Since it is a synthetic benchmark, the results cannot be transferred directly to games. Nevertheless, it is used everywhere and is simply part of every test.

3DMark 2000 Default

As you can clearly see in 3DMark 2000, that isPerformance rating of the Athlon XP 1.5+ is justified. The innovations of the Palomino core bring out almost 30 points ahead of the Athlon 1.4 GHz. The new Duron is also doing quite well, but even a 1.2 GHz Duron cannot endanger the 1.0 Athlon of the older generation, which is not surprising in view of the 33MHz lower FSB.

3DMark 2000 CPU Mark

An important part of the 3DMark2000 is the CPU mark. Although the graphics card also plays a major role here, as well as the chipset and memory of the mainboard, these factors are switched off by the fixed test environment.

3DMark 2000 CPU Mark

The results of the CPU Mark confirm the values ​​achieved with the Default 3DMark 2001. As in the previous ones, the leader is Tests of the Athlon XP 1700+. The Thunderbird is clearly ahead of the Duron with Morgan core.

3DMark 2001

If there is currently a benchmark that repeatedly has to represent the performance of your own computer as the showcase program, then it is This is certainly 3DMark 2001.

3DMark 2001 Default

There are only 1700 points between a Duron 950 MHz Spitfire and the Athlon XP 1700+, which clearly shows the influence of the graphics card in this test discipline. Nevertheless, a few more points can be squeezed out with a faster processor. As in 3DMark 2000, the Duron with the Morgan core doesn't stand a chance against the Athlon, which is sometimes 200 MHz lower. The 33Mhz lower FSB also makes the Duron pay tribute here.

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