DRAM is getting smaller

DRAM is getting smaller

The Taiwanese manufacturers of DRAM chips are planning to switch from the previous manufacturing process to the modern 0.11 to 0.13µ technology in 2003. Four of the largest manufacturers of DRAM chips from Taiwan have decided to do this.

For example, PSC (Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation) plans to switch from 0.15µ to 0.13µ technology in December and to have converted the entire production by the second quarter of 2003. The 0.12µ technique will be used from the fourth quarter of 2003, and the 0.11µ technique from the fourth quarter of 2004.

Nanya, who have licensed the 0.11µ manufacturing process from IBM, want to start producing the first modules using the new technology from the beginning of 2003; The 0.12µ technology developed in-house will probably only be used for test purposes.

While Winbond was still producing over 70 percent of its production in the 0.13µ process in the first quarter of 2003, they wanted to start with the Start production in 0.11µ technology.

There remains ProMOS, who want to convert their current 0.14µ technology to 0.13µ and 0.12µ technology in a first test phase from the beginning of 2003.

Since the conversion will also increase the yield per wafer, production costs will fall from mid-2003, and prices on the DRAM market may then ease further.