Download tip: SpeedFan 4.02

Download tip: SpeedFan 4.02

At this point we would like to draw your attention to a small freeware utility that should appeal to friends of quiet PCs and, in our opinion, could be a real insider tip for troubled users: SpeedFan 4.02.

The tool programmed by Alfredo Milani-Comparetti allows the fan speed to be automatically transmitted to the CPU on a variety of mainboards -Adjust temperature. In this way, the background noise of the PC can be extremely contained. The program uses the 'monitor chip' (Winbond or similar) on the circuit board and uses it to throttle the fan speed. A prerequisite is therefore a mainboard with a supported chip and a CPU that still runs in the green area even with a lower fan speed. Our first attempts with the tool were quite positive. However, it only elicited two different fan speeds from the Asus A7A266-E and there was nothing to be felt on the EPoX 8KHA + at more than 4 different speeds. But this should be enough for users of 'cooler' CPUs. An Athlon C 1333Mhz, on the other hand, couldn't take the loud fan away. The CPU gets too hot for SpeedFan to throttle the fan even for a short time. The instructions are included as an English and well-illustrated * .doc file. We do not assume any liability for the use of the program!


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    SpeedFan serves to adapt the fan speed of older mainboards to the CPU temperature.

    • Version 4.52 German