Doesn't the size matter?

Doesn't the size matter?

As reported by xBit Labs, rumors about the new graphics chips from ATi and nVidia seem to be growing. At least the rough numbers of transistors are estimated to be reasonably reliable, as the various sources have recently contradicted each other very little.

As you have read on PCPop , these numbers seem to be around 120 million transistors for the nV30 from nVidia and 107 million transistors for the R300 from ATi, each of which is probably the DirextX-9 suitable next-generation chip to level off.

Thanks to our somewhat rusty knowledge of Mandarin (the official language in the Middle Kingdom), we want to believe the xBit-Labs first, also with regard to the remaining details, which are in each case 8 rendering pipelines, each with 2 TMUs for the R300 and 4 each for the nV30, as well as an external TnL chip for the latter, exhaust.

As far as the absolute number of transistors is concerned, you can deal with the real high -End chips in the CPU area are far from being measured. Intel's Itanium contains a sporty 221 million transistors, also some high-end server chips from IBM and HP are in this region.