Does Microsoft skip DirectX 9.0?

Does Microsoft skip DirectX 9.0?

DirectX, probably the most important graphic interface of the current generation of games, will probably never appear in version 9.0. Since DirectX 8.1 only has minor extensions to the previous version, the graphics chip manufacturers are promising a lot with DirectX 9.0.

It is not clear whether Microsoft has simply found the developer version to be too buggy or whether there are other features want to integrate. In this regard, speculation is called for. But most of the rumors that TheInquirer digs up contain at least some truth. For example, it was possible to find out that DirectX 9.1, the likely name of the next official release, will include pixel and vertex shaders in version 2.0, which are supposed to be much easier to use than their previous counterparts in version 8 .

In our opinion, the delay could be due to the fact that the Xbox, which has just been introduced in Europe, will then be able to use DirectX -8 functions, if you put it bluntly, would be out of date again. It is also conceivable that the software giant will take things a little more slowly due to the GeForce4 MX versions that do not even support DirectX 8. In addition, nVidia has just launched its new high-end product, the GeForce4 Ti, which, as a DirectX 8 GPU, does not want to appear out of date with a release of DirectX 9. After all, nVidia with its GeForce series is extremely important for Microsoft, so that agreements are possible here.