DirectX 9 doesn't come until 2003

DirectX 9 doesn't come until 2003

An information event on the next generation of the DirectX graphics interface was held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center during the 'Game Developers Conference'. In addition to the already known features, others became known.

In addition to a demonstration of the technology, the rumors about the integration that had already emerged were revealed the vertex and pixel shaders in version 2.0, we reported , confirmed. In contrast to bump mapping, 'displacement mapping' will in future also change the profile of the objects so that a dent in a sphere created by 'displacement mapping' also reveals the objects behind it, i.e. the object changes its shape. In addition, DirectX 9 should enable a color depth of 40 bits. Some may ask why this should still be used. The whole thing is supposed to make sense because there can be small inaccuracies when treating the polygons with textures, shadows, etc. The quality should then be improved by calculating with higher precision and then downscaling it later. In any case, it would be a step on the way to 64-bit, which John Carmack in particular vehemently demanded.

We couldn't find an answer to the question of whether Microsoft wants to skip DirectX 9.0. What is certain, however, is that the DirectX 8.1 successor will not appear until 2003, which would mean an astonishing 2 years between two versions.

Thanks to Peter Klochberg for pointing this out! :-)