Detonator 42.01 and 32.20 surfaced

Detonator 42.01 and 32.20 surfaced

Hardly had it been a few weeks quieter around the nVidia drivers that got into the network through loopholes, when the versions tumble out again this week. After the 41.80, the 42.01 and 32.20 versions have now been released and are waiting to be used.

While the 42.01 is currently only available for Win2k/XP, the 32.20 is also available for Win9x/Me.

  • Detonator 42.01 for Win2k/XP
  • dated 12/11/2002 (11th of December 2002).
  • generic, full multilanguage release
  • supporting all released nVidia cards to date.
  • DirectX9 compatible driver.
  • Detonator 32.20 for Win9x/ME and Win2k/XP
  • dated 11/08/2002 (8th of November 2002).
  • generic, non-multilanguage release.
  • supports all nvidia cards released to date

Unfortunately, this time it is not possible for us to put the files on our own mirror, since version 41.80 has exhausted our quota with almost 50GB traffic in three days. The guys from Warp2Search want to keep their mirror list constantly up to date.