Details on T-DSL 'Speed'

Details on T-DSL 'Speed'

Shortly after a few customers reported that they had stubbornly got a T-DSL 'Light' access, Telekom has now confirmed the first details about the particularly fast version of their DSL access, called T-DSL 'Speed'.

Particularly interesting are concrete information on prices and speed of the new 'flagship' of Internet access for private users, Telekom will present to the public at CeBit. At the Telekom International Press Colloquium in Berlin, a doubling of the downstream speed to 1.5 Mbit/s was confirmed, as was the increase in the upload rate to 192 Kbit/s. When exactly the first T-DSL 'Speed' connections can be switched is not yet known, but it is known that nine out of ten current T-DSL connections meet the technical requirements for the upgrade. Nevertheless, it is checked in each individual case whether the upgrade can be carried out - if the answer is 'yes', you only have to consider whether you are willing to pay about 10 euros on top of the current T-DSL price in order to be able to surf even faster .

In addition to the hefty surcharge, the biggest obstacle when switching to T-DSL Speed ​​could be Telekom's announcement that the new access probably cannot be used with the conventional DSL flat rate from T-Online.

It is of course now speculating whether a separate flat rate will then be offered for T-DSL Speed ​​users, possibly with a higher price or a volume limit; let's wait and see.