Details on new AMD processors

Details on new AMD processors

The development in the processor segment is advancing faster than in any other branch. Now the first details about the planned processors from AMD have become known.

Yesterday the first details about the successors of the AMD Thunderbird and Duron generation were announced:

In summary:

  • smaller DIE
  • 12 (or even more) -step pipeline
  • additional 3DNow! Commands
  • reduced power loss


  • as a pure low-cost CPU, direct successor of Duron
  • 64 or 128 KB Level 2 cache
  • Chipsets: VIA's KM133 and SiS's 730S
  • Clock when introducing: 900 MHz
  • Launch date: December 2000


  • Competition to Pentium 4/III
  • 512 KB full-speed level 2 cache
  • with the AMD 760MP or VIA KX266 chipset with dual processor capability
  • some Palominos will also be equipped with a 133MHz DDR FSB
  • Start with 1.4 GHz from November 2001


  • Server CPU with 1-4 MB full speed level 2 cache
  • first CPU with 133 MHz DDR FSB
  • Chipset: AMD 770, with which any number of
  • Northbridge and 2
  • CPUs can be addressed
  • Debut with 1.4 GHz also in November 2001