Details about the Voodoo 5 successor

Details about the Voodoo 5 successor

Like Nvidia, 3dfx is also preparing for a hot autumn. In the meantime, the first details of the Rampage graphics chip from 3dfx, which will appear in the second half of 2000, have become known.

This is said to be in direct competition with the NV20 from Nvidia, which is to be released in the same period. Here are the well-known facts:


  • AGP4x
  • 32-512 MB graphics memory (200MHz)
  • 32-bit rendering
  • 4 pixels per clock

Rampage SLI

  • AGP 4x
  • 32-512 MB graphics memory (200MHz)
  • 32bit rendering
  • 2/4/8 cards can be composed
  • Full Screen AntiAliasing (FSAA)
  • 4 pixels per cycle

Unfortunately nothing is known about the fill rate and the chip clock, so that the really important facts are still pure speculation.