'Details' about ATis R300

'Details' about ATis R300

The new chip from ATi, the R300, is to be presented at CeBit '02, at least that's what the Internet gossip courier The Inquirer wants to know. Unfortunately, the 'details' that you have to report are not too extensive. Only that the chip should be DirectX9 compatible can be found in the technical.

Of course the new chip will be an NV25 (or GeForce 4) killer.

Apparently samples of the chip are to be given to the card manufacturer within the next two weeks. This was designed by the engineers of ArtX, a small graphics company who designed the graphics chip for Nintendo's GameCube and was swallowed by ATi shortly before its completion. According to The Inquirer , this new DirectX 9 chip is both faster and cheaper than a GeForce 4 from nVidia.

As you can already guess, these rumors seem a bit out of the way Air grabbed because official details about the GeForce-4 are probably not yet known to ATi either.

More interesting is the R250 mentioned in a subordinate clause, which is now apparently based on the chip of the Radeon8500 and thus not one Another DirextX-7 infusion will be, but a modern, equipped with many features mid-range card.

In any case, we are looking forward to the announcement of the GeForce-4 until CeBit, which is also up to the second vertex shader pipeline doesn't seem to offer too much new, believe the rumors in circulation.