Detailed chipset roadmap

Detailed chipset roadmap

A detailed hardware roadmap from Gigabyte has now reached the network, confirming some previously unconfirmed assumptions. The roadmap also includes an outlook on the future AMD and Intel processors and corresponding chipsets for motherboards.

Let's start with the chipsets for the Intel Pentium 4 processors. At the top you can see the planned Intel processors, including the new Celeron based on the Willamette core. The SiS chipsets SiS648/SiS648DX and the SiS655 are also confirmed there. Both will be released in April, plus the R658 and from the third quarter the SiS660.

On the The second picture shows the dates for the Intel chipsets 845G and 845GL, both are to be officially presented on May 2nd. The new Celeron processors with Willamette core are also confirmed again.

We come to the third figure, here the mainboards planned by Gigabyte for Pentium 4 processors are listed. The GA-8TRML based on the ATi R200 chipset with an FSB of 533 MHz and an integrated Radeon GPU, paired with a VIA 686B Southbridge, appears here. It is also striking that seven board models alone are equipped with SiS chipsets and no board with VIA chipset appears. However, there is no information about the completeness of the presentation.

Let us turn to the solutions for AMD processors. VIA chipsets also appear here, the KT400 is confirmed for April, the K8HTB for the end of April. At SiS, the SiS755 for the AMD processors will be shown for this quarter.

The next figure will confirm the future AMD processors, so the Thoroughbred XP will be presented between mid-April and mid-May and the first model will be be the XP2200 + with 1800 MHz clock. In addition, there is the new Duron based on the Appaloosa core with an FSB of 266 MHz, which is inCompetition to the Celeron with Willamette core occurs. The next picture shows again an exact roadmap of the AMD processors, with the different cores and FSB clock frequencies.

Last but not least, the planned products from Gigabyte come again, here the focus is almost entirely on VIA, only an AMD-761 chipset in connection with the VIA 686B Southbridge is used.

All in all, there are many interesting points that will definitely lead to one or the other discussion, which our forum is for offers.

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