Dell says goodbye to the floppy disk

Dell says goodbye to the floppy disk

The system integrator and PC manufacturer DELL is now offering its customers an alternative to the floppy disk drive and is thus one of the first manufacturers to say goodbye to this rather ancient data carrier. Is the end of the floppy disk sealed?

So DELL offers buyers of a Dell Inspiron 4150 or 8200 a 16MB USB -Memory stick at the price of the floppy disk drive. So the customer now has the choice of doing without his floppy disk drive and not buying a memory stick for the same price ($ 20). The stick contains a flash memory that can be rewritten as often as required, similar to a memory card for digital cameras. The memory stick is bootable and integrates into the system as a normal removable drive. DELL expects that due to this offer approx. 85% of buyers will no longer purchase a floppy disk drive.

With this DELL is one of the first PC manufacturers to herald the long prophesied end of the floppy disk. Many notebooks are already delivered without a floppy disk drive, so that the trend was now spreading to the desktop market.

At a time when most complete PCs are equipped with CD-R/RW burners and USB diskette is simply obsolete.