Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee in the test: the glass mouse pad

Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee in the test: the glass mouse pad


At least for me, the Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee has that old Everglide Giganta pushed off the table. The mouse glides over the pad more easily than ever before and the integrated mouse bungee also frees you from annoying tugging on the mouse cable.

In any case, the supplied logo must be exchanged for a piece of paper, preferably black, if you want to use the pad in conjunction with an optical mouse. Sure, the price of € 29.95 is not exactly cheap. But if you buy the pad and a mouse bungee separately, you would even have to change hands at a hefty 50 €.

Users who planned and have exactly this in mind should actually grab the Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee immediately. However, if you already have a very good mouse pad and can do without a mouse bungee, you should consider purchasing a new one more than once. The Crystal Light has a lot of advantages such as the better gliding properties, the gently sloping edges and the integrated mouse bungee. But whether you want to put your old and not exactly cheap pad in the corner and buy the Crystal Pro for € 29.95 should be considered carefully. Often times the purchase of a current mouse should bring more in any case than the operation of an imprecise old mouse on the in this case completely oversized Crystal Light.

But if you are just buying one If you're thinking about so-called gamer pads, I can only recommend the Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee.

As always, our forum is available for questions.

Everglide Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee
  • Mouse Bungee + Pad
  • very good sliding properties
  • durable glass surface
  • easy to clean
  • sloping edges
  • does not slip
  • only one surface can be used
  • somewhat expensive
  • for optical mice only to be used after changing the inlay

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