Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee in the test: the glass mouse pad

Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee in the test: the glass mouse pad

Test use

A very big shortcoming of the “Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee “We noticed seconds after the' start-up '. Since Everglide delivers the pad with an almost completely white logo, any optical mouse initially refuses to work. This fact is not surprising either and has basically been known for a long time. Since the glass plate is very reflective in connection with a white surface, the optical sensors of the mice no longer receive an image of the pad surface. She constantly takes photos of her own floor slab and therefore does not receive any data for coordination. It does not matter whether you put the smooth or the structured side of the glass plate up.

Zum In the small manual, Everglide describes Glück, how best to make your own logo, so that we used the glass plate as a template and cut our own logo out of dark cardboard. After that, optical mice also worked perfectly on both surfaces.

In the end, however, we would recommend this step to every buyer, because the emblem supplied by Everglide cannot exactly be called a feast for the eyes.

In addition, after the test with several mice, the function of the smoothly polished side of the glass pad was relatively incomprehensible to us. In any case, none of the mice we used could be induced to glide even in the beginning on this surface. The mice literally stuck to the smooth surface and were extremely difficult and jerky to move. We tested the pad with the Razer Boomslang 2000, Microsoft'sIntelliMouse Explorer, the Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical and the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0. Although these mice all have very different contact surfaces, none of them moved properly on the smooth surface. So we only have the view that the polished side of the pad is objectively useless for use.

On the other hand, it looked completely different and much better with the structured side of the glass plate. Not only do all mice glide very easily here, but the gliding property of the pad even beats its own competition, the Everglide Giganta in the American and German versions. We have never had a pad under our rodents on which a mouse ran better than on the structured surface of the Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee. If you look again at the pointless, smooth side in this context, the question arises why Everglide did not use two different roughly structured surfaces.


Another shortcoming of many pads is the relatively low stability when the mouse handlebars are too rude. The Crytal Pro is held in place by six soft plastic knobs on the underside, which are literally bombproof.

But now finally to the special addition of our Crystal Pro version, the mouse bungee. In the beginning, with the integrated mouse bungee, as mentioned briefly, you have to struggle with the correct configuration. But once you have found the right length for the mouse cable, it proves to be extremely helpful. Especially, of course, if you previously belonged to the group of people where the mouse cable got stuck on the table over and over again. This problem is really eliminated once and for all with the Mouse Bungee. Certainly an extremely subjective statement: but in oursIn the end, the most comfortable length of the cable carried through the test was 18cm.

The Mouse Bungee could be a possible weak point in connection with Microsoft mice. These were and still are noticeable due to broken cables at the interface to the mouse, as Microsoft, unlike some other manufacturers, has not reinforced this point. However, since it is precisely this point that is increasingly stressed as a 'joint' when the mouse bungee is used, the cable is likely to be damaged in the long run in the worst case. The fault here is not Everglide, but if at all to be attributed to Microsoft.

Bungee holder

We were particularly good at that compared to Other pads from Everglide, Ratpadz or Ripper liked the lower height of the mouse pad or the smooth transition from pad to table. Even if the listed documents already have rounded edges, placing the wrists on the inclined edge of the Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee is even more pleasant.

The removable glass plate could be very easily with normal glass cleaner or easier Clean soap. Another advantage of the hardened glass plate is its durability. To scratch or wear them off, you would have to mount diamond runners under your mouse. So far, the German version of the Everglide Pads has shown its weaknesses, as the surface appeared quite worn after a while. On the other hand, there is of course the risk of breaking the glass plate with the Crystal Pro. At home this will be rather difficult.But especially at LAN parties, you should think carefully about how and where to stow your pad. The backpack that is quickly fired into the corner is certainly not the first choice.

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