Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee in the test: the glass mouse pad

Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee in the test: the glass mouse pad


The basic idea of ​​the Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee could be described something like this: The principle of the Func Surface was taken up and the Mouse Bungee from Everglide, which was previously only available separately, was integrated directly into the pad. So you no longer have two individual parts, the mouse pad and the mouse bungee, but everything in one piece.

The glass plate is to be understood as a pad that can be used on both sides (at least in theory and Everglide's ideas). One side is as smooth as a window pane, the other side has a very fine structure.

structured surface
structured surface

Assembling the Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee is extremely easy. All you have to do is place the logo inlay in the plastic frame of the Mouse Bungee Pro and then place the glass pane with the surface facing up on which you want to use the mouse (or you can: more on that in a moment).

Crystal Pro
Crystal Pro with mouse

Then you just have to lock the mouse cable on the mouse bungee and adapt to the respective user needs. Here you will surely be a few times the size of theChange the loop in which you let the mouse cable peek out of the mouse bungee until you have found the optimal setting.

Bungee with mouse
Bungee holder

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