Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee in the test: the glass mouse pad

Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee in the test: the glass mouse pad


Actually, when it comes to mouse pads, the 'gamers' are meanwhile very well served. Various pads from Everglide, from the normal Everglide Pad to the Func Surface 1030, Ratpadz Ratpad and the Ripperpad are now probably the most popular candidates vying for the buyer's favor.

Now it is Everglide who are coming onto the market again with a new idea and continuing the resolution they had started with the Func Surface 1030 - namely, if possible to bundle many useful properties and functions in one pad so that the buyer only has to buy one product and not several additional products. The result is the 'Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee', which we took a closer look at in this review. We thank Everglide for providing the pad.

Scope of delivery

The Crystal Pro is currently available in blue and black. In terms of price, the difference is not reflected in the color. In a packaging that is more reminiscent of a mainboard you get three individual parts:

  • the Mouse Bungee Pro
  • a hardened glass plate
  • the Mouse Bungee logo as Inlay
Crystal Pro and manual
Crystal Pro with mouse

Together, these three parts make up the Crystal Pro Mouse Bungee. In addition, the package comes with a four-page English bookletthat gives the buyer a brief overview of the product purchased and its commissioning. The glass plate is specially packed in the package so that it does not break during transport. With a size of 28.50cm in width and 34.00cm in depth, the pad is certainly not one of the smallest of its kind and is likely to cause great delight among the table neighbors at LAN parties.

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