Crysis in the test: The new reference comes from Germany

Crysis in the test: The new reference comes from Germany


It is no coincidence that prudent praises are distributed and enjoyed with great caution by prudent people. All too quickly the associated, excessive expectations of one's own performance could turn out to be set too high and in the end there is disappointment instead of the enthusiasm that would have been observed if less had been expected. Crysis could be a prime example. Because not least because of the groundbreaking positive reporting in the run-up to publication, the latest coup from Crytek has a lot to do. The expectations are just as high as the meticulousness with which this test should be approached.

Whether it is the responsible person has actually succeeded in creating a new genre reference - yes, the game of the year - should be clarified on the following pages.


The discussion is probably not in any other game segment the weighting of the basic story of a title has been more controversial than first-person shooters. While the traditionalists insist that a shooter in the style of a 'Serious Sam' does not have to show any noteworthy action, but only real firing, the demand for coherent, meaningful ones has come up over and over again in recent yearsBackground stories also for shooters - Half Life as a milestone always in mind. The latter requirement should be explicitly reiterated at this point before the plot and the mission design of Crysis are examined carefully.

Crysis Startscreen


Crysis begins with the parachute jump of a US elite unit wearing nano suits over a medium-sized, island occupied by Korean troops. The goal of the elite fighters, which of course also includes the player, is to get a US research team active on site from the island. At least, that's the original mission. In the course of the plot, however, it quickly becomes clear that there is much more to the assignment and that what the researchers were looking for is anything but dead or forgotten.

The rest of the Crysis plot then unfortunately plays out quite conventionally, depending on the initial situation. While the first part of the ten to twelve-hour single player campaign is mainly against the Koreans in the field or in the jungle, the second part is mainly in caves against nasty, tadpole-like ice aliens - Gordon Freeman and Co. send greetings.

Overall, Crysis tells a story that can largely be described as 'ok', but which in fact fits seamlessly into the monotony of genres that is roughly described and minimally modified to Crysis : Cool Iron Man from the USA spanks Koreans and aliens alike in a casual nano suit.

Mission design

Even if the mission design of Crysis, like the plot, has nothing groundbreaking up its sleeve, that's a lot of fun. For example, the area in which you can move is simply huge. In theory it isinclined players are always free to deviate from the direct route and explore the entire, but quite large island.

Crysis mission - 'Destroy the air defense'

The Crysis missions are also attractively structured for less adventurous players, even if they always run in such a way that you can being chased from one point on the island to the next. The tasks set do not pose any challenges that have not been seen before: Far too often it is necessary to switch off ground-to-air positions or jammers with your own weapons or to mark targets for the air force (see pictures above and below). The frequent rescuing of hostages can also be explained by the background story - keyword: 'Save the researchers!' - The always scarce ammunition reservoir is annoying or realistic and has to be topped up manually in the truest sense of the word: let down opponents Their weapons are always lying around, but they are not collected when you walk over them, but have to be specifically picked up - a fiddly and therefore annoying undertaking for some players on the overgrown jungle floor, for others a realistic undertaking.

Crysis mission - Air Force dismantles marked ammunition depot

Apart from that, that takes care Overall, very successful mission design for a more atmosphere and that not least because of the possibility of taking different paths to the goal. It is of course completely clear that the makers at Crytek have planned a perfect path, which is usually immediately apparent when you look at the map. Nevertheless, the player has the free choice and can choose his goals from the variousApproaching cardinal points. In addition, the actually quite stringent linearity of the missions is broken up by the numerous secondary goals that are offered reliably and regularly over the radio.


In terms of content, Crysis proved to be presentable. An average story is largely enhanced by a good mission design. High time to deal with some playful aspects of the title.


The artificial intelligence of the Crysis NPCs (non-player Characters) can be seen. Above all, the opponents of the nano suit wearer are generally anything but stupid. Instead of gradually engaging in a fight with their adversary, the Korean KVA troops in particular like to band together and even surround you - a particularly nasty tactic in the confusing jungle.

This good one is clouded a little Impression of occasional total failures of the AI: Some KVA-NPCs tend to light up the jungle with flares in broad daylight. One could argue that this action could serve as a warning to other units in the area. After these flares were shot down, some Koreans are content to continue staring at the canopy of leaves instead of going back to the fight. The fire behavior of the helicopters is - to put it neutrally - unusual. Instead of firing specifically at opponents, the NPC pilots love to circle over the jungle while firing, even when the player is in a completely different position - whether there are other US units there?

Crysis - Mostly strong AI in action

The shooting behavior of the opposing NPC is also overall probably thatbiggest annoyance at Crysis: The KVA units apparently have an X-ray view. It usually doesn't matter where the player is looking for cover, he can be certain that the Koreans will keep him under targeted fire as long as he is within range.

The only salvation from computer opponents who hack wall or bushes offers actual protection in solid structures or - quite simply - run away or shoot back. This fact is particularly annoying with helicopters, for which one has no rockets left. The nano suit wearer can hide from these, however deep in the bushes; the monitor will continue to glow red and the suit's optional female or male voice will urgently indicate that the energy level is low. The tin huts that exist in many places also offer inadequate protection, as the clever NPC helicopter pilot often likes to shoot through the roof in a targeted manner, so that you always have to make sure that you have enough missiles with you.

Helicopter attacks weigh heavily without a rocket launcher

The 'X-ray vision Problem “due to the almost unbelievable steadfastness of the opponents: Even with targeted shots from a heavy machine gun, the standard KVA henchmen usually need an entire magazine; It is even more difficult to put an end to better opponents such as other suit wearers or the icy aliens. In addition, the opponents' ability to swallow lead is increasing the chronic ammunition shortage already mentioned.

Weapons & Vehicles

Crysis offers everything your heart desires when it comes to weapons. From various machine guns to shotguns to rocket launchers, stationary machine guns and alien weapons, there is no type of weaponshort. The equipment of the nano suit wearer is rounded off by various grenades (splinter, flash, smoke grenades), binoculars that can also be used to mark targets, and various upgrades such as silencers, flashlights or telescopic sights (for more information on using the Weapon options under 'Control').

Crysis - whiz kid in action
Crysis - jeep in action
Crysis - KVA tanks in action
Crysis - US tanks in action

The Crysis fleet also leaves nothing to be desired. Not least because of the size of the island, you can always fall back on various jeeps, tanks and even high-flyers (see picture series above).


A big feature of Crysis is the already mentioned nano suit, which the hero of the game wears and which gives him significant advantages over most opponents. The suit has functions that can be very helpful in various situations. For example, if you want to bypass a KVA patrol without a fight, the camouflage option of the suit is an excellent option, with the help of which you disappear into nothing, unfortunately only for a few seconds. Of course, only as long as you don't fire a shot.

If you run out of ammunition - which, as mentioned, can happen more often - the “maximum strength” option is worth its weight in gold. With this a fixed position of the opponent can be achievedthe enormous jumping power easily handle, but also opponents can be choked and thrown through the area. The possibility of using the enemy as a kind of protective shield is particularly advantageous here. The suit's skills are rounded off by a speed feature that turns the Crysis hero into a professional sprinter for a few seconds, as well as armor protection that is active as standard, which ensures increased 'tolerance' to enemy ammunition.

Cutscene: Nano-Suit releases adrenaline

For more information on controlling the suit, see 'Control'.


“After the game is before the game” - nowadays this saying from football also applies to PC and console games. After the single player campaign, the multiplayer part often provides months of continued fun and increases the value of the investment in the game.

Crysis Multiplayer Lounge

Against this background, one can only praise the multiplayer mode of Crysis. Because that's exactly what it promises: Continuous fun. However, there are no groundbreaking innovations. In addition to the obligatory Deathmatch, there is only one other mode in which you can work in teamsmust take and hold various points. It is praiseworthy that all functions of the suit are also available in multiplayer, which increases the action on the up to 32-strong servers.

Overall, the multiplayer is therefore not very innovative and yet rock solid.

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