Creative TravelSound for on the go

Creative TravelSound for on the go

Creative has now introduced the TravelSound, a new mobile loudspeaker system with a compact design. The TravelSound is very flat and small and its weight with batteries is only 320 g. This makes the system, designed in silver, a perfect companion for vacation.

With an output power of 4 watts sine and With a frequency range of 150 Hz to 20 kHz, the Creative TravelSound delivers a sound quality sufficient for its size. The “wide stereo effect”, which can be activated separately via a switch, provides a stereo base broadening and thus ensures better sound staging.

On the back there is a compartment for a total of four micro batteries (AAA) which the TravelSound achieves an amazing operating time of up to 35 hours. Alternatively, the system can be connected to the power supply via an external power supply.

The Creative TravelSound will be available from mid-June at a rather high retail price of 99 euros. In addition to the system itself, a power supply unit and a stereo connection cable are also included in the scope of delivery.