Creative presents the new Jukebox 3

Creative presents the new Jukebox 3

Creative today introduced the Jukebox 3. It should convince even the most demanding critic with its audio quality. Operation has been simplified again with the introduction of the navigation wheel to control the menu functions compared to its predecessor.

The new player also has an integrated MP3 encoder that allows uncomplicated recording of audio files via the combined analog/optical digital input from any other audio source. With SB1394, Creative's name for Fireware, and USB connections, the Jukebox 3 offers the greatest flexibility when used with PC and notebook and ensures fast data transfer. Despite the compact design, which has significantly smaller dimensions and weight than the last model series, the jukebox has grown internally with a storage volume of 20 GB and a battery life of up to 22 hours. A 16 MB anti-shock memory stores up to 10 minutes, thus ensuring music enjoyment without dropouts. The Jukebox 3 is even able to reproduce surround sound effects when connected to a 4.1 speaker system.

The Creative Jukebox 3 will be available in stores from mid-May at a suggested retail price of 499 euros to be available. Really a lot of money. Even if you take the offered features into account. Along with the market launch, the price of the predecessor will of course also be reduced. The D.A.P Jukebox (see also) will be available from the end of April with a 10 GB hard drive and will be sold at a price of 329 euros. Certainly no cardboard style either.

Creative Jukebox 3 - Packaging
Creative Jukebox 3