Creative presents high-end PC speakers

Creative presents high-end PC speakers

With the 5.1 system MegaWorks 510D from Cambridge SoundWorks, Creative is introducing a new contender for the reference class of PC speakers. The system is equipped with digital inputs for the 5 satellites and the subwoofer and offers excellent signal processing and sound quality.

This is made possible by the high-quality 24-bit/96-kHz converter directly in the subwoofer of the MegaWorks 510D. Thus, according to Creative, it is the only system in its class that inspires the listener with a fully digital signal transmission with a brilliant and multifaceted sound experience. In addition, the excellent balance in the middle frequency range should produce an extremely clear and tonal discoloration-free reproduction.

The Cambridge SoundWorks MegaWorks 510D offers discrete digital inputs for all six channels (front left and right, rear left and right, and center and subwoofer). The connection is made using a special three-pin mini jack plug, which makes connection child's play, unlike other 5.1 systems. The output power of the system is 500 watts. The MegaWorks 510D is supplied with speaker cables that are connected to the amplifier via gold-plated cinch plugs. Cables for the digital connection to the Sound Blaster Audigy, cables for the analog connection to other 5.1 sound cards and a practical desktop remote control with high-quality, sound-neutral volume control complete the equipment of the system.

The MegaWorks 510D will be available from the beginning of February Available from specialist retailers at a recommended retail price of 499 euros and is therefore anything but cheap.

Mega Works 510D