Creative Labs with graphics card comeback

Creative Labs with graphics card comeback

Completely surprising, Creative Labs has reported back on the graphics card market. After the group had just recently withdrawn from this market segment, this represents a drastic U-turn in company policy.

Apparently, one can and wants to have both the presence and the possible profits in this sector now but not to be missed and immediately starts with a whole flood of cards. To get started, Creative plans to put the following models on the shelf:

  • GeForce2 MX 200 for around 250 Marks
  • GeForce2 Pro for almost 500 Marks
  • GeForce2 MX PCI for around 280 Marks
  • GeForce3 + TV-Out for around 1,000 Marks

However, in the end Creative Labs will only act as a reseller, since all of the products mentioned ( at least this time) are manufactured by the Taiwanese corporation MSI.