Counter-Strike 1.1 released

Counter-Strike 1.1 released

Many have been waiting for it, now the time has come: Counter-Strike V1.1 has been released. On Tuesday night the mirror servers were announced on the German Counter-Strike site, from which you could either download the 19 MB update from 1.0 to 1.1 or the full installation with 87 MB.


  • Added spectator mode - allow_spectators (0/1)
  • Terrorist bomb backpack re-added
  • Upgraded player models to 512X512 textures
  • CT defuse kit pack re-added
  • Made jumping while shooting more inaccurate w/submachineguns
  • Took out sniper crosshair when zoomed out
  • AWP leg shots now non-lethal
  • Swimming animation added to models
  • Status bar text uses team colors
  • All CS Strings localized to titles .txt
  • Added option to take 'end game' screenshot
  • Length of MOTD increased to 1536
  • Added cs_thunder, de_vertigo, de_inferno, de_dust2 & de_rotterdam
  • Upgraded de_dust de_cbble, de_vegas, de_aztec, cs_office, cs_siege, & cs_italy
  • Logic used to cycle the map has been changed. The map will cycle if one of three conditions has been met: 'mp_timelimit' has been met, 'mp_winlimit' rounds have been won by one of the teams, or 'mp_maxrounds' have been played.
  • Fixed many cheats