Connect3D Radeon 9700 Pro in the test: performance leap at high resolutions

Connect3D Radeon 9700 Pro in the test: performance leap at high resolutions

Table of contents
  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 The card
  3. Scope of delivery
  4. 3 Drivers
  5. 4 Specs and technology
    1. 5 FSAA and AF
  6. 6 Benchmarks
  7. Test system
  8. 7 Synthetic tests
    1. 3DMark2001 SE
    2. 8 3DMark Detail
    3. 9 Villagemark D3D
    4. 10 Villagemark Detail
    5. 11 TempleMark D3D
    6. TempleMark D3D detail
    7. 12 Codecreatures Bench
    8. 13 Codecreatures Detail
    9. 14 Aquamark D3D
    10. 15 Aquamark D3D detail
  9. 16 Game benchmarks
    1. Ultima IX D3D
    2. 17 Ultim a IX D3D Detail
    3. 18 Comanche4 D3D
    4. 19 Comanche4 D3D Detail
    5. 20 Dungeon Siege
    6. 21 Dungeon Siege Detail
    7. 22 Aquanox
    8. 23 Aquanox in detail
    9. 24 Jedi Knight II
    10. 25 Jedi Knight II Detail
    11. 26 Max Payne
    12. 27 Max Payne detail
    13. 28 Serious Sam SE D3D
    14. 29 SeSam SE D3D Detail
    15. 30 Serious Sam SE OGL
    16. 31 SeSam SE OGL Detail
    17. 32 UT2003 Demo FlyBy
    18. UT2003 Demo Botmatch
    19. 33 UT2003 FlyBy Detail
    20. UT2003 Botmatch Detail
    21. 34 Alice
    22. 35 Alice Detail
  10. 36 Conclusion

Max Payne

Max Payne uses the Max-FX engine, as it was already used in 3DMark2001. There are high demands on the hardware, since very complex and expensive 3D effects are used. Despite some DirectX 8.0 functions used, static T&L according to DirectX 7.0 is still used. The PCGH benchmark mod was used with the VGA demo as a time demo, and was only given in 32-bit color depth, with 32-bit textures and all settings on 'high'. In the meantime, at least high-end graphics cards no longer need to fear Max Payne in high and highest resolutions. Only switching on FSAA and AF can conjure up some stutters in the otherwise smooth game play. How will budget cards fare in this benchmark?

Max Payne D3D -default
  • 1024x768x32:
    • R9700pro (default)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (default)
  • 1280x1024x32:
    • R9700pro (default)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (default)
  • 1600x1200x32:
    • R9700pro (default)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (default)

As long as the fill rate is sufficient, the performance of the Radeon9700pro only declines to the extent that it is due to the increased number of pixels, but in 1600 one notices the first, albeit minimal, signs that the Radeon9700 does not have a significantly higher fill rate than the Ti4600. The other way aroundagain hardly explain the shrinking distance in 1600.

All in all a clear thing for the Radeon9700pro.

Max Payne D3D -Quality
  • 1024x768x32:
    • R9700pro (2xAA/4xAF)
    • R9700pro (4xAA/8xAF)
    • R9700pro (6xAA/16xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (2xAA/4xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xAA/8xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xS-AA/8xAF)
  • 1280x1024x32:
    • R9700pro (2xAA/4xAF)
    • R9700pro (4xAA/8xAF)
      44 , 84
    • R9700pro (6x AA/16xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (2xAA/4xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xAA/8xAF)
      FPS limiter is used
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xS-AA/8xAF)
      FPS limiter is used
  • 1600x1200x32:
    • R9700pro (2xAA/4xAF)
    • R9700pro (4xAA/8xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (2xAA/4xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xAA/8xAF)
      FPS limiter is used
    • R9700pro (6xAA/16xAF)
      FPS -Limiter uses
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xS-AA/8xAF)
      FPS limitersets in

Although Max Payne is already a few months under his belt, Only the Radeon9700pro is able to provide gaming fun with active quality settings in resolutions higher than 1024x768. Even 1600x1200 with 4xFSAA and 8xAF is still reasonably acceptable in terms of speed. With the GeForce you would have to limit yourself to 1024 with the same settings.

MPa-R300 4x-8x.JPG
MP-nV25 4x-8x.JPG

Except for the textures hidden in the semi-darkness on the left side of the car (the bright decorative stripe and the front fender), the Radeon9700pro doesn’t give the GeForce4 anything Texture quality. The better smoothing of the edges of the Radeon can be seen particularly clearly on the trunk lid of the car, as well as on the brightly lit area of ​​the house directly above. The front street lamp also looks a little rounder.

MP-R300 6x- 16x.JPG
MP-nV25 4xS-8x.JPG

Basically the same applies here, even if the edge smoothing edge of the Radeon is a little more pronounced. In addition, the higher AF level of at least 16x finally shows a positive effect, because the details on the GeForce4 blur a touch earlier on the road. The gangster body remains firmly in nVidia's hand in the front area.

Our favorite in the settings would be 1280x1024 with Quality-II settings.

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